Taking your brand to the next level with tradeshows & showrooms

The fashion industry is a fascinating place, with many experiences and so much to learn. One of the best things I’ve learned after 7+ years is the ins and outs of tradeshows and showrooms.

Now what are these? Well, when building an audience and attracting new clientele, whether it be direct customers or buyers, it’s sometimes hard to gain awareness from exclusively online or cold emails. That’s where tradeshows and showrooms come in, there are outlets that introduce your brand to a larger audience and give various different potential customers an opportunity to see the product first hand. So what is the difference?

First, trade shows. Which are a great way to enter a market and introduce the product to many buyers during the sales season, two of the most high profile options being Coterie in New York and Tranoi in Paris. Here many brands who don’t have the means for a fashion show, can get a spot and create a great brand experience for previous and new clientele to see new collections and prepare for the upcoming season.

Next? Showrooms. These are hubs for brands to host their collections, to give clients and stylists opportunities to see collections outside of the sales season. Many showrooms are hosted at PR companies like Alta Moda Communications or Sydney Reising Creative, who connect a roster of stylists and retailers to take your brand to the next level.


By Alissa Lapid